Best QR code generators online in 2022: A Detailed Comparison

To avoid using sketchy QR code generators online, look at the best QR code generators you can try and use online.

With every generation of QR codes, lies the best QR code generator as a source.

In a period where QR codes top as the best information-sharing tool, the search for the best QR code generators escalates. Because of that, many QR code experts are testing their way through the best QR code generators that they can find and wire important details for people to learn and compare.

By conducting this research, they can shorten people’s search for the best QR code generator and help guide them to one to try out. Before determining which is the best QR code generator you can depend when using, let us first learn what a QR code generator is

What is a QR code generator?

A QR code generator is either an online or offline QR code generation software that allows a user to create personalized or traditional QR codes by converting data into these codes. The QR code it generates works as a storage for website URLs, files, images, text, and more. For an efficient QR code creation tip, using the online software is the best way to go as it safely stores and enables tracking the QR code data in real-time.

The QR code software can generate two types of QR codes: static and dynamic QR codes. The static QR code is a conventional QR code type that lets a user to generate a one-time use QR code. Because of that, static QR codes are commonly regarded as disposable QR codes.

On the other hand, a dynamic QR code is a type of QR code that has more useful functions than static ones. These functions it holds are trackable, editable, and can be encrypted with a password. Because of it, dynamic QR codes are ideally meant for people with long-term QR code usage.

10 best QR code generators online

After following the ten QR code questions, the QR code experts have drafted the ten best QR code generators that are available online.

1. QRTiger (10/10)

QRTiger is a QR code generator software that gives QR code users to generate their QR code in an ad-free and easy way. This QR code maker can generate many kinds of QR code solutions that users can mix up in their QR code campaigns. Aside from its vast available QR code solutions, users can customize their QR code and add a logo for a more professional-looking QR code.

This QR code maker also has an H5 page editor that allows users to integrate their mini-programs into the QR code content. Through this solution, users can upgrade their QR code content with a personalized landing page.

2. QRStuff (9/10)

QRStuff has a simple yet interactive website where a user can easily generate their QR code with ease. The only downside for QR code users is their lack of making personalized mobile landing pages. Overall this QR code generator can deliver effective QR code generation. It has common QR code solutions such as Emails, texts, URLs, Vcard, and most social media link embedding solutions.

3. (8/10) offers a simple software interface that users can easily use. But there are two downsides to this QR code generator. And these downsides are given to users is it only has limited QR code features such as its customizing feature and the ability to white label their QR codes in the lower tier subscription plan of their service. Thus, making QR code generation hard for starting businesses and entrepreneurs.

4. Visualead (8/10)

Visualead is a fun and interactive QR code maker that allows users to experiment with their way of making a visually appealing QR code design. This QR code maker allows users to integrate the use of various customizing elements into the QR code.

But as they experiment with their way of creating QR codes, the interface in making can be hard for users to navigate. Because of that, this QR code maker is making users have a difficult time making their QR codes.

Also, as they are about to download their QR code and give it a test, they are being directed to join as a user in their community before downloading the QR code, which makes it hard for users to create another set of usernames and passwords to download one.

5. ForQRcode (7/10)

ForQRcode is a simple QR code maker that lets a user generate and customize its QR codes. The downsides of this QR code maker have are it has limited QR code design tool options, which require user registration before downloading the QR code, and redirects users to another QR code generator which can sometimes bring confusion to users. Aside from these downsides, the QR code maker serves its purpose in making successful QR codes.

6. GoQR ( 6/10)

GoQR is a simple QR code generator for merchandise-making QR codes that let users easily generate and download their QR codes.

The QR code content you can get in your QR code merchandise is URL, text, Vcard, SMS, Location, email, WiFi, event, and contact number.

This QR code maker's downsides are its lack of customization feature, no personalized landing page option, adding a logo to requires developer emails, and no bulk QR code generation.

7. (6/10)

Codigos QR code is a Brazilian QR code maker that allows users to generate their QR code in an easy and old-fashioned way.

The downsides this maker has are that it is limited to a black and white QR code design, has no other QR code design configuration, doesn’t allow any bulk QR code generation, and doesn’t allow QR code tracking.

Thus, this QR code maker is the best alternative for users who don’t tackle business marketing growth with QR codes.

8. QRExplore (5/10)

QRExplore is a QR code maker that allows users to generate QR codes with different URLs in bulk. The bulk QR code generation it offers can add up to 100 bulk QR code generation. This QR code maker is ideal for users who work in bulk. This QR code maker's downsides are that the QR code generation is limited to two solutions; it doesn’t allow data tracking, data editing, customization, and personalized mobile landing pages.

9. Qfuse (4/10)

QFuse is a QR code maker that generates dynamic QR codes in different QR code solutions.

The major downside that QR code experts are experiencing before making their QR code is that it requires membership registration before trying out its generation process. Because of that, their QR code experience has a minor roadblock.

10. uQR (4/10)

uQR is a competitive and great QR code generator that also focuses on creating dynamic QR codes. But for users with trust issues with QR code generators, uQR may not be the fitting QR code maker they should use. Because of their QR code generation restriction, this QR code maker is best for QR code users who seek competitive QR code generation.

Why do QR code experts choose the best QR code generators?

Regarding QR code generation, QR code experts are keen on making their QR codes using the best QR code generator. Because of that, they can master their ways with QR codes. Aside from mastering the use of their QR codes, here are 4 other reasons why they choose to work with the best QR code generators.

It creates secure QR codes

One of the reasons that QR code experts recommend using the best QR code generator is its ability to generate secure QR codes. Because there are so many QR code generators available online, QR code users may have difficulty selecting the best QR code generator. As a result, QR code experts are compiling a list of the top ten QR code generators to assist new QR code users in avoiding dubious QR code generators.

Provides Professional usage

The best QR code generators provide professional QR code solutions. Because of their provision, businesses can mainstream the use of QR codes. With its professional usage, they can increase their customer’s loyalty and ensure the safety of their QR code scanning.

Easy to use

Technology is made to unburden users from doing complicated tasks. With the invention of QR codes, tasks such as inventory marketing, marketing, and social media campaign have become easy. With businesses struggling to keep things together, using the best QR code generator helps them catch the customer’s and investors’ attention.

Ideal for long-term QR code generation

One of the reasons why QR code experts use the best QR code generators is its capability to generate more QR codes and establish partnerships with them. Because of that, they can save more storage for their personal and business materials with their QR code usage.

Ways how to determine the best QR code generator online

To determine which QR code generator is the best for QR code beginners, here are the following 10 key questions that you can follow.

1. Does the QR code generator has an updated SSL certificate?

2. Does it allow the creation of different QR code solutions? — such as audio QR codes, email QR codes, App store QR codes, PDF QR codes, and more.

3. Does it allow a trial generation of QR codes? [ 1-YES, 0- NO]

4. Does it have the ability to track QR code performance? [1-YES, 0-NO]

5. Is it easy to use? [1-YES, 2-NO]

6. Does it have responsive customer support? [ 1-replies within 24 hours, 0-replies beyond 24 hours of inquiry]

7. Can it allow content editing? [1-YES, 0-NO]

8. Does it have multiple design options? [1-YES, 0 — NO]

9. Can it create a personalized mobile page landing layout? [ 1-YES, 0-NO]

10. Does it allow QR code generation in bulk? [1-YES, 0-NO]

By following these QR code questions, QR code beginners can determine the best QR code generator that they can use and follow.

Since QR codes are starting to make a statement in society, generating one is fun and handy for tech enthusiasts. But as generating one concerns safety, more QR code benefits for both professional and personal use, using the top 5 best QR code generators is highly recommended. Using them lets you know the difference the following QR code makers make.



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